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Curb Stops

District staff is continuing with an on-going program of locating all curb stops in the District. The curb stop is the valve which OFID has installed and is used to turn the water service off and on.

It is important to know the location of the curb stop especially in an emergency situation whereby the homeowner requires the water to be turned off due to a break or required repair on the homeowner's side of the curb stop.

You may notice staff working adjacent to your property, they are attempting to locate the curb stop, once found it will be painted and the location recorded. Some curb stops are difficult to locate due to owners landscaping, fencing, driveway paving etc. If you as the property owner know the location of the curb stop please offer the information to staff. Your assistance is appreciated.

It should be noted that OFID staff will not remove landscaping, fencing or driveway material if the curb stop is not accessible. It will be the owner's responsibility to provide access.