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Watermain Flushing

You may notice staff operating a fire hydrant and flushing water down the street, they are actually cleaning the watermains in the area. Regular flushing is an important component of a comprehensive water management program. Two years ago OFID developed a Unidirectional Flushing Program. In essence the water system is operated in a way that enables the water to be flushed from the system in one, unified direction; this preventative maintenance program is the most effective in scouring the water lines. Traditional flushing involves opening a hydrant and allowing the water to exit the system for an extended period of time. This draws water from all directions within the distribution system. Unidirectional flushing isolates a section of watermain so that water can only be drawn from one direction, by doing this you actually increase the velocity of the flushing. This in turn will do a better job of removing any natural build-up in the distribution system. This program is necessary to scour the inside of the pipe, removal of sediments, built up silt and biofilms and maintain chlorine residuals.

Unfortunately OFID has found that this program has created problem areas in the District and homeowners at times are experiencing dirty water. Trustees and Staff are hopeful that each time the unidirectional flushing is carried out it will clear the watermains of built up sediment. If you do experience dirty water please run an outside tap until the water runs clear and feel free to contact OFID so that staff is aware of the problem.